Injection Molding

High-Quality Plastic Injection Molding Results

Wrex Products’ plastics department derives its expertise from over 40 years of plastic injection molding experience. We tailor our skills to suit your requirements, beginning with mold design and construction. Our overall capabilities include the following:

• 28- to 500-Ton Injection Molding Machines
• Wide Range of Resins & Colors
• Small- to Large-Volume Production
• Prototype/Production Tooling
• Multi-Cavity & Family Molds

• Medical Devices & Documentation
• Over Molding
• Insert Molding
• Blending

Manufacturing MachineOur diversified machine base accommodates an extensive range of products, ranging from hundreds to millions. The machines’ capacity varies from limited volume shots of one ounce or less to large volume shots of 80 oz.

Through every step of production, our craftsmen employ quality control measures through a computerized production monitoring system linked to process control machinery. Each customer receives a superior quality product delivered to specifications, from mold design and construction to assembly, decoration, and packaging. Our experts mold the products with metal hardware during the over-molding process, utilizing materials from primary grades through engineering grades.

Our Injection Molding Equipment

Our company is your ultimate choice for modern plastic injection molding. We invest in having the best equipment, including:

• (1) 28-Ton Arburg 1.45 oz.
• 55-Ton Arburg 3.14 oz.
• (1) 55-Ton Cincinnati 3.51 oz.
• 300-Ton Cincinnati 20 oz.
• (1) 440-Ton Cincinnati 32 oz.
• 500-Ton Cincinnati 54 oz.
• (1) 85-Ton Van Dorn 5 oz.

• (1) 230-Ton Van Dorn 25.4 oz.
• (1) 500-Ton Van Dorn 80 oz.
• 85-Ton Cincinnati 4.4 oz.
• (2) 150-Ton Van Dorn 8 oz.
• (2) 225-Ton Cincinnati
• (2) 325-Ton Cincinnati