Quality Assurance

Ensuring Valuable Manufacturing with Our Certified Quality Inspectors

For quality assurance (QA), we have highly trained specialists on our staff. In 1960, a single toolmaker would work based on the “Pride of Workmanship.” Nowadays, we call it “quality,” and it still means getting it right.

We maintain the highest quality standards throughout the entire development and manufacturing process. Quality requirements are determined early in the tooling design phase, building dimensional consistency into our parts.

Once in production, experienced machine operators perform visual and dimensional in-process inspections. And our certified quality inspectors perform routine supervision based on detailed part-specific inspection plans, ensuring that the manufactured products exceed your expectations. In sum, our QA services include all of these:

• On-Site Product Testing & Inspections
• 3D/GD&T Measurement Capabilities
• Large Range of Precision Measuring Tools
• Probe-Assisted CMM & Visual CMM

• Gage Calibration In-House
• Traceable to NIST Standards
• Quality Assurance Document Control Through IQMS & FAI Reports

Our QA Inspection Tools & Equipment

Regularly, we calibrate to standard inspection tools and equipment, ensuring accuracy. Our QA team works with micrometer sets, calipers, indicators, gage pin sets, gage block sets, and thread gages. We are also proud to use the following:

• (2) Bausch & Lomb Microscopes
• (2) MicroVu Model 24118, MicroVu Excel 662HM Video Measuring Machine
• (8) Granite Surface Plates
• (4) Digital Height Gages

• Calibration Standards
• Thread Wires Special
• Customer-Supplied Measuring & Test Equipment

Our Certification

Our staff closely controls all documentation impacting quality. Originally certified as an ISO 9001 company in 1997, we have maintained uninterrupted certification and now comply with the ISO 9001:2015 Compliance standard. Additionally, for our medical device services, we proudly hold ISO 13485:2016 Compliance (Medical Devices) certification as well.