Die Casting

Leading Aluminum & Zinc Alloy Die Castings

Our die-casting division converts over 50,000 lbs. of aluminum and zinc ingots into products each month. Wrex Products can help you with the following capabilities:

• 250-Ton to 560-Ton Capability
• Aluminum Casting
• Zinc Casting
• Trimming

Die Cast ManufacturersAluminum and zinc alloy die castings are attractive alternatives to other materials. Using the natural properties of aluminum and zinc alloys, you can avoid the extra cost and time required to add their characteristics to other materials. Our company casts these alloys in weights ranging from 0.01 to 12 lbs.

Many growing companies that purchase metal components realize the advantages of using a die-casting process over forging, fabricating, or sand casting. One clear advantage is “economies of scale.” Whether taking advantage of conversion to die casting or trying to improve on existing die-cast components, our customers appreciate our technical capabilities and competitive pricing. We can offer you a genuinely turnkey service with our metal finishing department for secondary machine work.

For the customer who requires the properties offered by zinc alloys, such as mechanical strength, cost-effectiveness, or a plated finish, we provide a Zinc Hot Chamber Casting Process. We currently have a stable of seven machines in sizes of 250 to 560 tons.

Our Die Casting Equipment

Our equipment can successfully complete your request and specifications for your die casting needs. The machines are:

• 250 ZiTai
• 400 HPM 3.5 lbs.
• 400 Buhler 3.5 lbs.
• 420 ZiTai

• 500 Toshiba 5 lbs.
• 560 ZiTai